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ASHES WHEELS - Dreg 19x9j et35



Ashes Wheels are manufactured using forged 6-series aluminum. Made specifically on your specs for your vehicle. Ashes Wheels forged wheels are built with performance and style in mind. All wheels are available in custom finishes such as wet paint, powdercoatings, polished, brushed etc. Your imagination is our only limit,

We are using flat reverse-lips as our standard configuration on 3p wheels because of the added strenght. Our forged lips have proven to have a 30% added strenght on impact to the lips. This however does not limit us to those. We supply steplips, slantlips and step-ups on request. For our 2p Wheels we currently have flat reversed (A) and step reversed (B) lips to offer but both flat and step forward lips are under testing and will be available soon.

Available in 18" to 22" diameters, and 7.5" to 13" widths in standard form and up to 18.5j on request. All Wheels are made "to order" and with various ET-options. Manufacturing-time is set to approx. 8-14 weeks on standard specs.

Standard Wheels are manufactured under ISO/TS16949 Certification.

The lips and barrels are spun or flow-formed to a unique inner shape giving them an additional 30% lip strenght compared to a normal rolled lip.

Prices (from) on standard specs incl VAT/Moms. Please Contact us for info.

18"  - 7.5-12jj  -      From:  9495SEK    //  1090 USD //  930EUR

19"  - 8-12jj     -      From: 10495SEK   // 1200 USD // 1030EUR

20" - 8.5-12jj  -      From: 11495SEK   //  1320  USD //  1130EUR

21"  - 9-12jj     -      From: 12495SEK  //  1430 USD  // 1220EUR

22"  - 9-12jj    -      From: 13495SEK  //   1550  USD // 1320EUR

Standard specs include a fully forged wheel, any lipstyle seen below, full paint. PCD, CB, ET of choice. Standard Centercap in centerdisc color.

Polished lips: 250SEK // 30 USD // 25 EUR

Brushed finish: 350SEK // 40 USD //35 EUR

3 piece configuration: +1750SEK // 200 USD // 170 EUR

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