2.8: Forged


ASHES WHEELS - 2.8 18x10.5j et-5



Ashes Wheels 2.8CF are manufactured using primary alloy. Made specifically on your specs for your vehicle. Ashes Wheels 2.8CF are built with performance and style in mind and the cast center gives you the full advantage of a 2p split Wheel at half the cost. All wheels are available in custom color wet paint.

We are using flat reverse-lips as our standard configuration on 3p wheels because of the added strenght. Our forged rolled lips have proven to have a 30% added strenght on impact to the lip. For our CF 2p Wheels we currently have flat reversed (A) and step reversed (C) lips to offer.

Available in 18" and 7.5-12j widths. All Wheels are made "to order" and with various ET-options. Manufacturing-time is set to approx. 4-10 weeks on standard specs.

2.8CF Wheelbarrels are manufactured under ISO/TS16949 Certification.

More sizes are in the planning. Stay updated!

Prices (from) on standard specs incl VAT/Moms. Please Contact us for info.

18"  - 7.5-12jj  -      From:  5998SEK    //  660 USD //  580EUR

Standard specs include a fully forged barrel with a primary alloy cast centerdisc, lipstyle A or C, full paint. 5 bolt PCD, CB, ET of choice. Snap Centercap in black.

Polished lips: 250SEK // 30 USD // 25 EUR

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