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When you´ve made that hard decision of which model and specs you want or you have consulted us about specs for your application, you simply contact us in what ever form you feel is working for you.

Drop by: Trollhättevägen 74, Sollebrunn - SWEDEN (not far from Gothenburg)

Email:  info@asheswheels.com

Phone: (+46) 322 - 64 41 44

..or even social media (for questions or changes, we prefer a direct contact during the ordering-process).

We will give you a quotation for your set in the specs you and us have agreed on. First after an initial payment is made the deal is confirmed. You are free to back out of the deal at anytime before that.

Payment are usually made through an Invoice. The invoice can be splitted 50/50 (50% at order and 50% before shipping)


Sweden Only - Dela upp din betalning!

Genom vårt samarbete med Wasa Kredit, ett finansbolag inom länsförsäkringsgruppen, får du möjlighet att dela upp din betalning. Delbetalning är enkelt och förmånligt för dig som kund och du väljer själv hur många månader du önskar att delbetala ditt köp med.

Varför ska jag dela upp betalningen?

•Handla nu och betala en del varje månad.

•Välj ett betalningsalternativ som passar dig.

•Slutbetala när du vill.

Hur delar jag upp betalningen?

Du kan välja mellan följande alternativ:

Köp nu, betala om 3 månader

Du får en avi från Wasa Kredit tre månader efter ditt inköp på hela beloppet.

Kostnad: Köpesumma, administrativ avgift samt kampanjavgift.


Du delar inköpsbeloppet i de antal månader du valt för att räkna ut din månadskostnad.

Första betalningen gör du månaden efter ditt inköp.

Kostnad: Köpesumman, administrativ avgift samt kampanjavgift.


Du delbetalar ditt inköp under en längre period med en låg avdragsgill ränta.

Första betalningen gör du månaden efter ditt inköp.

Kostnad: Köpesumman, ränta, administrativ avgift samt kampanjavgift.

Kontakta oss så hjälper vi dig genom hela affären.

I samband med ansökan gör Wasa Kredit en sedvanlig kreditprövning och du får svar direkt.

Du som redan har ett konto hos Wasa Kredit behöver inte genomgå en ny kreditbedömning. Om ditt köputrymme är för litet ansöker du enkelt om en höjning och får svar direkt.

Gustav, kortet med fördelar som kommer på köpet

Gustavkortet är anslutet till VISA vilket gör att du kan handla och ta ut pengar i hela världen, upp till 55 dagar räntefritt. Du kan även använda din beviljade kredit för framtida inköp hos oss eller någon av Wasa Kredits samarbetspartners. Kortet är kopplat till din beviljade kredit och är laddat med förmåner och rabatter som är unika för Gustavkortet, bland annat hotell, restauranger, upplevelser och kläder. Genom att besöka wasakredit.se/gustav kan du regelbundet se nya attraktiva erbjudanden. Gustavkortet får du automatiskt och utan årsavgift de första 6 månaderna när du ansöker om en delbetalning.

Gustav erbjuder 0 % ränta utan administrativ avgift i upp till 55 dagar.

Utnyttjad kredit återbetalas genom månatliga delbetalningar om 1/36-del av vid var tid utestående skuld,

dock lägst 50 kr, samt ränta och avgifter.

Effektiv ränta vid kreditbelopp 30 000 kr, återbetalningstid 12 månader,

räntefri period om 30 dagar och därefter årsränta 16,85 %, årsavgift 195 kr och administrativ avgift

efter räntefri period 45 kr är 19,87 %. Sammanlagt belopp att betala blir i exemplet 33 044 kr.


All products remain Ashes Wheels property until full payment is made.


Ashes Wheels liability as a result of defects in the goods is limited to these terms of sale. Ashes Wheels bears no direct or indirect responsibility for example but not limited to, incompatability issues, delivery delays, downtime, data loss, additional work or other economic harm.


For technical support, user owns Ashes Wheels right to refer the customer to the respective manufacturers and where appropriate to pay support. Ashes Wheels leaves no user support for problems that could be caused by interaction between various products. Contact the respective manufacturer / supplier obtained on request from the customer.


We reserve for typographical errors, errors in information and errors in specifications on any of our catalog where items and services. All pictures on our sites should be seen as illustrations, and we can neither guarantee that the picture reflects the product's exact appearance and characteristics. We take no responsibility for product fits your car model, then it is incumbent upon the customer to check the compatibility between the product and the intended car before purchase. Note that it is the responsibility of the customer to verify the compatibility of the intended vehicle model, because in some cases / countries differ between different markets / model years. Some products requires major / minor modifications are made to vehicle / suspension / chassis. On some cars spacers must be mounted to make the wheel move freely.

Major part of our assortment is intended for use in motorsport . In order to install and use our products correctly, as required considerable knowledge about each product. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure / demonstrate that the installation and operating out of the products is done correctly and professionally. Ashes Wheels disclaims all liability for damages / breakdowns in vehicles or other consequential costs. Some products require that the car is modified in one way or another to achieve full functionality.

Ashes Wheels reserves the right to change all information, including, but not limited to prices, technical specifications and product offerings without prior notice.


In case of dispute where the buyer is a private individual, our policy is to always follow the National Board (ARN) recommendations. Any dispute between two or more companies is decided that rule in court.


In the event of war, natural disasters, strikes, government decisions, lack of delivery from suppliers and similar events beyond our control which is not reasonably foreseeable, and affects the contractual agreements and commitments on our part, which means that we are not keep that agreement / pledge, shall constitute the basis that we released from our obligations to fulfill that contract


A complaint can be made if such product is defective or has been damaged in transport at the reception, or hidden shipping damage.

Note: Our wheels are custom-made to your specifications. They are made with your measurements and specs, therefore no returns because of the wheels not fit, size, et, cb or pcd does´t match the car. Or errors in measurements made by you the customer will be approved.


This instruction applies to all kinds of complaints request.

Contact us at info@asheswheels.comand tell us the cause of your complaint request.

Also give us your order number to help us track your specific order.

We will contact you by email as soon as a complaint request is approved and you will recieve a return confirmation and number and further instructions.

All products must be returned in their original packaging complete with all accessories.

Remember to always send the product in the outer packaging to avoid damage to the original packaging.

Wrap the well to avoid damage.

Attach a copy of the return confirmation and send it to us along with your goods.

NOTE! Returns sent in without approved return number are not accepted.

All returns must be sent in to us within 14 days after you recieve your approved request.m.

Ashes Wheels AB

Trollhättevägen 74
441 70 Sollebrunn


Monday - Friday: 10.00 - 13.00
(+46) 322 - 64 41 44
(+46) 322 - 64 41 45


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