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SECTION: Lips & Barrels

Our 6061-t6 Forged 2 and 3 piece barrels.



Here´s a Little section of what we can supply in parts for your modular Wheels. We do not carry OEM-parts for other wheelbrands. However, if you like the design of our lips and barrels, we will do what we can to make them fit.

We get alot of questions about building 3-piece wheels out of cast wheels. We can absolutely help you with that but bare in mind that the cost of machining your old cast wheels to accept inner and outer barrels, the cost of the barrels and lips itself and the finishing of the centers & hardware will add up to more than the cost of buying a brand new set of 2 or 3-piece fully forged wheels from our catalog. Just saying! And we leave no guarantees on those wheels because we dont know the quality of the cast in the machined centers.

The 2-piece barrels are being made to your specs. The barrels shown below have a barrel-ET (Not the same as the completed wheels ET) which is where the center disc mounts to the barrel. You can either measure this from the outside lip to where your centers will mount, or just give us your desired Wheel ET and we help you to calculate where the barrel-lip will be.

Because of this custom-fabrication we have put an estimated delivery-time of 8 weeks on the barrels.

The 3-piece lips and barrels comes in two different specs. One is fully forged but made on request (0,5"-6" outer) and one alloy option (0,5-9"outer). At this Point we cannot make the extremes fully forged.

Made according to your specs.

18.22" available. Facemount only

Estimated productiontime is 4-8 weeks

3-6" outer lips, 5-9" inner barrels.

Made to order. O-ring sealed. Facemount only

Estimated productiontime is 4-8 weeks

Alloy lips and barrels. Step design.

Pre-drilled or un-drilled.

Estimated productiontime is 2-4 weeks

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