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Ashes Wheels started as a bump in the renovation of an old Datsun 120y. You know, that model that is one of the least desired... Well I (Roine) liked it but it needed Wheels. At the time private importing from Japan wasn´t that common but I stumbled upon a manufactuerer of replica Wheels with the right look.    So I ordered 100+ of those... Now I had the Money and when the opportunity of making 3-piece Wheels came up I had started a Company! This one.

After 2,5 years of research, headache and a bunch of new found friends believeing in this idea, Ashes Wheels is finally taking the shape I envisioned. The rest is pretty much up to you! We will do Everything in our Power to give you the most personal Wheel-purchase possible. We will be out on events and drifting, dont hesitate to come up and say hi. And make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@asheswheels) and share and like the hell out of Everything posted, IT MATTERS!

Ashes Wheels AB is today located in Borrby, Sweden. This is where all assembly take place. All production is outsourced to different companies in Flen -Sweden, Strängnäs -Sweden and also UK, Germany and China for parts. We have choosen only to use genuine suppliers, meaning, the lips and barrels we use are used by brands known worldwide. We prefer suppliers that only work with genuine brands, could be their own or OEM supply.

All our designs are our own. However, we love taking on designers from outside. 3rd party designers signatures will Always be visible on their Wheels on this site. These designs are Always made with approval from the specific designer and will be manufactured with the Ashes Wheels logo.

Ashes Wheels AB

Idrottsgatan 2
276 30 Borrby


Monday - Friday: 08.00 - 17.00
(+46) 0411 - 201 41


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